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Movement Workshop, BERN
Sunday 16 Feb '20

In this workshop, David Nyffenegger (Zürich Movement Practiceand Jason Round (Movement Practice Bern) will be collaborating for the first time to share some of their practice, research, and perspectives on the subject ‘Movement’. The event is open to all (no experience required), and represents an effort connect, build, and support a community of movement practitioners throughout Switzerland as part of a growing worldwide ‘movement culture’.

We hope this to be just the first of an ongoing series of workshops through which participants can continue to learn, share, & connect across their local community.

How complex is your structure? We will investigate the adaptability of the body’s internal architecture in a variety of movement contexts to help us learn more about our individual movement restrictions and potential. Remaining curious toward the unfamiliar & unknown, our exploration will take us laterally across a range of subjects for the purpose of developing movement experience, such as:

  • Partner-work & play/fight
  • Prehabilitation & usable range (mobility)
  • Segmentation and torsion of the spine
  • Dexterity of the arms
  • Coordination & ‘Organic’ strength
  • Floor-patterns & sequencing

Throughout the work we will reflect on how to build and sustain a structured & explorative Movement Practice in accordance with your own evolving “movement thumbprint”, as well as our goal to help connect, build, and support a wider community of practitioners throughout Switzerland. You are very welcome to join.

*This workshop is open to all – no experience is required.
*Workshop is carried out in English & German

Date & time:

– Sunday 16th February 2020
– From 11:00 – 19:00 (2x 3+ hour sessions w/90 min break)

– CHF 120.-
– Spaces are LIMITED

Tanzraum Brückenpfeiler
Dalmaziquai 69
3005, Bern

(Top floor, second studio on the right)

Jason Round is a movement practitioner who travels to develop and share his movement practice and perspective. A bricolage and ‘filter’ of all his teachers and movement experiences, he is driven by three ‘wheels’ which guide the ‘MoveMore’ project: learn, share & connect (www.movemoremp.com). He currently coordinates weekly ‘Movement Practice’ in Bern, Switzerland.

David Nyffenegger is a movement practitioner and artist based in Zürich. He’s a co-founder of  Movement Practice Zürich (movementpractice.ch) where he shares his practice and views on the subject movement in its regular classes.

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