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'Connected-Body' workshop
19.03.23 / Geneva, CH

We take the perspective of an inescapably ‘connected-body’ to direct & inform movement contexts for self-development. Our main themes are the connection in & with oneself, with others around us, with objects, and with gravity. We inform this through physical practices including:

– Breathing & diaphragm practice
– “Emptying” & tension modulation
– Structural-awarenees & adaptability
– Stickwork & ‘wielding’
– Partnerwork & play/fight
– Floor-communication concepts

As always, the event is open to all bodies & abilities & you are very welcome to join 🐒

This workshop explores reciprocal relationships through which we experience ‘movement’ and how they might be used to frame and direct its physical practice. Our point of departure is the inescapably ‘connected body’ through & from which potentialities meet, interplay, are cultivated & actualised.

The ‘connected body’ is empty of blockages. Internal intention & external impulse find confluence in reciprocal movement. It has the capacity & experience to move, and be moved.

We learn protocols for diagnosing & “emptying” the body through ‘tension modulation’ and ‘breathing & diaphragm’ practices. The ‘empty’ body as clear of “blockages” is questioned in the solo practice of isolated ‘force-generation & transmission’ concepts & expressed in partner & group-work scenarios.

It exists only in connection with & relationship to the bodies and people around it. It is sensitive, communicative, can assimilate and respond. It is receptive & able to AFFECT & BE affected.

We develop ‘structural awareness’ of one’s own & other bodies to cultivate sensitivity & reciprocity in relationship. This is framed in a hands-on practice of “affecting & being affected”, building “comfort in contact”, and exploring ‘productive conflict’ and ‘winnerless competition’ on the play/fight spectrum.

It connects with the object world as an extension of itself, becoming something more than the sum of its parts in the process. It interacts with, manipulates, and is manipulated by it.

We take ‘stickwork’ and ‘wielding’ as themes to explore the subject of ‘object-interaction’, learning a system of universally integrated patterns in which the body/object are inextricable extensions of one another. This new ‘assemblage’ is then expressed in connection with others in group & partner-practice.

It is grounded, inextricably connected in a relationship with gravity. It accepts and adapts to it, is in constant dialogue with it, acts, reacts, and moves in understanding and respect of it.

We propose a CONCEPT-based practice of locomotion through simple frameworks which produce a lot of movement. Patterns & transitions are independently found, as well as taught, facilitated by the filter of ideas such as ‘weight-shifting’, ‘levels in space’, ‘circles of the body’, and ‘trajectories of motion’.

The workshop is open & accessible to ALL. Material is scalable and allows for practice at one’s individual level & pace.

Date & time:
 â€“ Sunday 19th March ’23
 â€“ From 10:30 – ca. 18:00 (2x session w/lunch break)

 â€“ Regular: CHF 120.- / *Reduced: CHF 95.-
 â€“ Please complete registration form.
 â€“ Space is reserved once payment is made.

*Earlybird (until March 5th) / student

Movement Tribe, Geneva
Chem. Rieu 1
1208, GenĂšve

Jason Round
is a movement practitioner & teacher who shares in live classes, workshops, and online platforms. These are directed by  three interconnected objectives of the ‘MoveMore’ project: learn, share & connect (movemoremp.com). He currently based in & coordinates weekly ‘Movement Practice’ in Bern, Switzerland.


Previous Workshops

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Movement workshop / Sat, 17th Dec / Cornwall, UK

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This full-day workshop is an opportunity to dive in and expose oneself to the proposition of a
‘Movement Practice’. We will develop & explore a range of scenarios toward “mapping” areas for structured exploration, outlining practical concepts & perspectives which can positively inform ANY physical practice, discipline, or sport in both recreational & professional fields.

During our day together we will outline and de-/reconstruct subjects such as:*

·         Physical preparedness & capacities: methods of developing attributes adaptable to a range of movement scenarios, rather than, but also benefiting, specific disciplines, sports, or systems of physical “training”. A more 3-dimentional approach to subjects such as strength, mobility, injury prevention/rehabilitation are presented in alignment with longevity & sustainability in practice.

·         Play & fight: a movement aspect innate to all animals, rather than opposites, we explore “play/fight” as a SPECTRUM on which a potential for deep movement development lies. We create both individual & partner/group contexts in the spirit of an “infinite game”, one designed for the purpose of the continuation, rather than cessation, of its learning experience.

·         Floor-communication: the complexity of human movement is charmingly exposed in exploring the different ways we can move at various levels through space. From 2-feet & all-4’s to the world of floor-contact and everything between, a principle-based approach equips the practitioner with an immediate vocabulary to explore their body in movement.

·         Breathing & diaphragm: we strip back breathing practices to practical approaches proven in study & practice to improve general wellbeing, physical performance, and symptoms of common breathing dysfunctions. Simple principles and accessible structures for practice facilitate the practitioner’s ongoing & independent practice.

Although exploring through the body, all material is scalable and everyone is challenged according to their own level and will. Activity is interspersed with reflection, and the contexts are balanced & connected in such a way that one’s experience is not subject to individual physical capacity.

Everyone will leave with a sense of being truly “moved” in a broad sense of the word, both from within and in social connection with the group on the day, and you are warmly invited to share the experience đŸ’

*Specific content cannot be guaranteed as it changes with the anticipated group and every space/time. Participants will receive supporting information on all material shared after the workshop to support ongoing practice & learning.

Date & time:

 – Saturday 17th December ’22
 – From 10:30 – 5:30pm (2x session w/lunch break)


 – Regular: £75 / Concession: £65*
 – Please complete registration form/
 – Place is not guaranteed until payment is received.

*Concessions: ‘earlybird’ (until Nov 30th) / student / unemployed / affiliate (if applicable, proof may be kindly requested)


‘Innerspace’ studio
Old Newlyn School,
Wesley Place, Newlyn,
Penzance, Cornwall
TR18 5AZ,

Please arrive 15 minutes before the event time.

Jason Round
is a movement practitioner & teacher who shares in live classes, workshops, and online platforms. These are directed by  three interconnected objectives of the ‘MoveMore’ project: learn, share & connect (movemoremp.com). He currently based in & coordinates weekly ‘Movement Practice’ in Bern, Switzerland.

MoveMore: Class #5

The ‘MoveMore: Movement Class’ opens an extended space to dig deeper into specific movement themes through individual, collaborative, and collective practice. The series of 4-hour classes take place in Bern CH throughout 2022, and are open to individuals of all levels, abilities, & movement backgrounds.

Topics of focus are determined by the space & time which we occupy. Whilst not necessary to join every class (we explore entirely different material in each), regular attendees will develop a greater understanding of the vast landscape of ‘Movement Practice’, and insights on how we might begin to map it.

With an extended class format (2x 2-hour sessions w/ break), participants can dig deeply into concepts & contexts presented with the support of close guidance & feedback throughout their practice. It is also an opportunity to regularly connect & work with other practitioners & enthusiasts in your local movement community.

Class #5 will explore the theme of transitioning in, out of, and moving in close proximity to & in contact with the floor. We will explore efficiency, inefficiency, and everything in between by creating both “open” contexts (partner-work & guided improvisation) and “closed” contexts (reproducible techniques & sequences) of practice.

Whilst drawing inspiration from a range of floor-connected disciplines & practices, as always, we will highlight the TRANSFERABLE concepts which both connect and allow the practitioner to step OUTSIDE of them, stripping back name & form to focus on general movement concepts which the individual can explore, practice, and apply on their own terms.

Each class includes a space for guided preparation & finishing (‘warm-up/down’) appropriate to the material shared.

Date & time:

 – Sunday 11th December 2022
 – From 11:00 – 15:30 (2x 2-hour sessions w/30 min break)


– Regular: CHF 80.- / *Concession: CHF 70.-
*Earlybird (before Nov 30th), student, affiliate, MP Bern member
**You can use 2x classes from your MP Bern abo, if you have one.


Tanzhaus Bern (BrĂŒckenpfeiler)
Dalmaziquai 69, 3rd floor
3005 Bern

– From the bridge, take the steps down to the Aare.
– Blue-zone parking is also available at by the Aare.
– We will be on the top/3rd floor, second studio on the right.

Jason Round
is a movement practitioner & teacher who shares in live classes, workshops, and online platforms. These are directed by  three interconnected objectives of the ‘MoveMore’ project: learn, share & connect (movemoremp.com). He currently based in & coordinates weekly ‘Movement Practice’ in Bern, Switzerland.

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MoveMore: Movement Class #4

Registration closed

MoveMore: Movement Class #3

MPCH Workshop no. 4

(English below)

In diesem Workshop kollaborieren David Nyffenegger (ZĂŒrich Movement Practice) und Jason Round (Movement Practice Bern) zum vierten Mal zusammen, um ihre Bewegungspraxis und Perspektive im Rahmen des Projekts Movement Practice Switzerland zu teilen. Dieses Event findet wieder im Raum ZĂŒrich statt, und zwar in einer lĂ€ndlichen Umgebung, nahe Kloten.

Diese Eventserie ist offen fĂŒr alle Individuen, jeden Erfahrungshintergrund und Level. Unser Material ist komplett skalierbar und fĂŒr einen breiten Anwendungsbereich geeignet. Ebenso ist dieses Event eine gute Gelegenheit um seine Kenntnisse im Bezug «Movement» zu erweitern, sich zu vernetzen und sich mit gleichgesinnten Bewegungsenthusiast*Innen aus der ganzen Schweiz auszutauschen.

FĂŒr diejenigen die im Bewegungsbereich arbeiten oder sich viel damit beschĂ€ftigen, ist dieses Workshop eine gute Gelegenheit, um sich neue Perspektiven, Konzepte und Bewegungskontexte anzueignen und diese in die eigen Praxis zu integrieren. FĂŒr AnfĂ€nger und Interessierte ist dieses Event ein guter AnknĂŒpfungspunkt um die Breite und Tiefe dieser Thematik zu erfahren und diese selbststĂ€ndig oder mit Partnern weiterzufĂŒhren.


In this workshop, David Nyffenegger (ZĂŒrich Movement Practice) and Jason Round (Movement Practice Bern) collaborate once again to share their practice, research, and perspectives on ‘Movement’ for the project ‘Movement Practice, Switzerland’ (MPCH). This time we return to canton ZĂŒrich, in a rural area, close to Kloten.

The series of events is open to individuals of all experience levels & practice backgrounds, with all material entirely scalable and having broad applicability. It also provides an opportunity to learn, connect, and practice with other enthusiasts and practitioners in your local movement community.

For those who work with, or are deeply invested in, the subject of Movement, this workshop shares perspectives, concepts, and movement contexts which we hope contribute valuably to your ongoing practice and learning. For beginners and enthusiasts, it will further expose the breadth and potential of ‘Movement’ as a subject for exploration & investigation in individual, and partner/group practice.

(English below)

In diesem vierten Event der „MPCH“ fokussieren wir uns auf das Wechselspiel zwischen Anspannung und Entspannung im Körper, der Beziehung zwischen Kraft und Effizienz, dem Konzept der mechanischen Bevorzugung/Benachteiligung in der Bewegung und der Konditionierung durch die Absorbierung der Masse im Ober- und Unterkörperbereich.

FĂŒr unsere Untersuchungen zu diesen Themen bedienen wir uns verschieden Frameworks, zu denen Bewegungsszenarios, PartnerĂŒbungen, Spiele etc. gehören. Diese verschiedene Herangehensweisen helfen uns die jeweiligen Themen zu dekonstruieren, verorten und schliesslich zu praktizieren. Zu den Hauptthemen, die wir sowohl praktisch als auch konzeptuell erschliessen, gehören unter anderem

  • Partner- und GruppenĂŒbungen und Spiele
  • Kraft, Effizienz, Schwerpunkt und AuflageflĂ€che
  • Das Sehen der Spannung und Strukturelle Mechanik im Körper
  • Das Erschaffen und Brechen von Körperformen
  • Spannungsvermögen und das AusĂŒben von „Leerung“

Alle Übungen und Kontexte sind skalierbar und somit fĂŒr jedes Level zugĂ€nglich.

Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere individuelle und kollaborative Arbeit einmal mehr teilen zu dĂŒrfen. Wir hoffen mit diesem Event wieder Bewegungsenthusiast*Innen aus der ganzen Schweiz zu vereinen und die Vernetzung der Community zu fördern. Wir freuen uns dich bei diesem viertĂ€gigen Event begrĂŒssen zu dĂŒrfen!

David & Jason

*Der Workshop wird in Englisch & Schweizerdeutsch gehalten


In the fourth instalment of ‘MPCH’, we focus on the interplay between tension and “softness” in the body, relationship between strength vs. efficiency, the concept of mechanical dis-/advantage in movement, and conditioning through receiving forces in both upper & lower-body contexts.

Our exploration is framed by a range of progressive movement scenarios, tasks, and games through which we will begin to unpack, map, and practice our topics. They will offer both practical and conceptual tool for development through contexts & themes such as:

  • Partner and group-work, games & play scenarios
  • Strength, efficiency, centre of mass & bases of support
  • Developing a practical eye for structural mechanics and tension in the body
  • “Making” and “breaking” physical forms
  • Tension management & the practice of ‘Emptying’

All contexts and movement scenarios are scalable, making them accessible for ALL levels.

We very much look forward to sharing our individual & collaborative research once more. Through this series we hope to bring together movement enthusiasts from across Switzerland and beyond and promote networking in the community – you are very welcome to join!

David & Jason

*The workshop will be delivered in English & Swiss-German

(English below)

Datum und Zeit:
– Samstag 23. – Sonntag 24. April 2022
– 11:00 – 18:30 beide Tage (2x 3-Stunden Sessions, 90 min Mittagspause)

CHF 240.- / RegulÀr
CHF 210.- / Earlybird (bis 10. April) & Mitglieder der Bewegungspraxis ZĂŒrich & Bern
Preis inklusive Beilagen zum Mittagessen
– Limitierte Teilnehmeranzahl

Hintermarchlen 50
8426 Lufingen

Der Austragungsort dieses Events befindet sich in Lufingen, gleich bei Kloten, auf einem Bauernhof.

Mit ÖV: Vom Flughafen ZĂŒrich fĂ€hrt alle 15 Minuten ein Bus (in der Regel Nr. 520) zur Haltestelle: Lufingen, Hintermarchlen. Die Fahrt dauert 15 Minuten, von dort sind es ca. 10 Minuten zu Fuss.

Mit Auto: An der Flughafen Autobahn A51 am Flughafen vorbei und bei „Kloten Nord“ raus. Von dort Richtung Embrach Fahren und noch vor dem eigentlichen Dorf Lufingen, die ZĂŒrcherstrasse auf Höhe „Blumenland Schweiz“ nach links verlassen und die Berglistrasse rauffahren. Gleich dort rechts befindet sich der Hof.

Bitte Mitbringen:

  • Warme, bequeme Kleider die fĂŒr Bewegung geeignet ist. Wir praktizieren sowohl draussen als auch drinnen.
  • Trinkflaschen und Snacks
  • Notizbuch und Stift
  • Hauptspeise oder etwas zum grillieren* 

*Köstliche Beilagen werden vor Ort zubereiten und fĂŒr alle zur VerfĂŒgung stehen (im Preis inbegriffen)

Der Ort ist ziemlich abgeschottet und es gibt KEINE unmittelbare Einkaufsmöglichkeiten.


Date & time:
– Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th April 2022
– 11:00 – 18:30 both days (2x 3-hour sessions, 90 mins lunch)

CHF 240.- / Regular
CHF 220.- / Earlybird (until 10th April) & members of Movement Practice ZĂŒrich & Bern
Price includes lunch side-dishes
– Spaces are limited

Hintermarchlen 50
8426 Lufingen

The venue for this event is in Lufingen, just outside Kloten, on a family farm.

By public transport: From Zurich airport there is a bus every 15 minutes (usually No. 520) to the stop: Lufingen, Hintermarchlen. The ride takes 15 minutes, from there it is about a 10 minute walk.

By car: Take the A51 freeway past the airport and exit at “Kloten Nord”. From there drive in the direction of Embrach and before you reach the actual village of Lufingen, leave ZĂŒrcherstrasse to the left at “Blumenland Schweiz” and drive up Berglistrasse. The farm is right there on the right.

Please bring:

  • Warm clothes suitable for movement – we will practice both outdoors, as well as under shelter.
  • A notebook and pen if you wish to retain information
  • Fluids & snacks
  • A main dish or something to grill.*

*Delicious side dishes will be prepared on site and made available for all (included in the price)

The location is rather isolated and there are NO shopping facilities nearby.

(English below)

David Nyffenegger ist ein Movement Practitioner und KĂŒnstler aus ZĂŒrich. Er ist MitbegrĂŒnder der «Movement Practice ZĂŒrich» (movementpractice.ch) im Rahmen derer er wöchentliche Klassen anbietet und seine Practice und Perspektiven teilt.

Jason Round ist ein Movement Practitioner der seine Practice und Perspektiven in seinen Klassen, Workshops und auf seiner Online Plattform teilt. Er bedient sich seiner drei SÀulen, auf welcher das «MoveMore» Projekt basiert: Lernen, Teilen, Vernetzen.


Jason Round is a movement practitioner who shares through classes, workshops, and online platforms which are supported by the three pillar of the ‘MoveMore’ project: learn, share & connect (movemoremp.com). He currently coordinates weekly ‘Movement Practice’ in Bern, Switzerland.

David Nyffenegger is a movement practitioner and artist based in ZĂŒrich. He’s a co-founder of  Movement Practice ZĂŒrich (movementpractice.ch) where he shares his practice and views on the subject movement in its regular classes.


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MoveMore: Movement Class #2

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MoveMore: Movement Class #1

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MPCH Workshop No. 3

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MPCH Workshop No. 2

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MPCH Workshop No. 1

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