Movement & Handstand Practice in Bern, CH

‘Movement Practice, Bern’ is a project aimed at coordinating & support a community of people in Bern who are exploring, learning, practicing, and moving together as part of a worldwide ‘Movement Culture’. You are very welcome to join 🐒

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No experience is required. We explore a range of movement aspects in a structured & progressive manner to develop your physical movement potential. As well as developing physical capacities (e.g. strength, mobility & joint integrity) we explore contexts & ideas such as locomotion, coordination, timing & rhythm, environmental exploration, partner-work & games, improvisation, breathing practice & more.

No experience is required. We build your handstand from the ground, up, including all fear-management & necessary prehabilitation/mobility work to help you develop a progressive & sustainable practice. It is supported by both a conceptual & practical understanding of how to balance on two hands.