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All video resources contain suggested ‘prescription’ (eg. variables & frequency) and further insights into implementation & practice.

‘Categories’ & ‘Collections’ include additional learning material sharing practical lessons & insights on each movement aspect.

Categories & collections of content*

Learn fundamental pushing & pulling mechanics leading to integrated patterns and skills. With an extensive range of contexts to develop strength capacities, ‘UBS’ contains collections of resources such as:

  • Bent-arm pull (bar & rope contexts)
  • Bent-arm push (floor & support contexts)
  • Straight-arm strength (floor & bar contexts)
  • RINGS: BAS & SAS development
  • RINGS: integrated strength & skills
  • RINGS: routines
  • OKC & accessory UBS developments

Tools for developing fundamental lower-body strength in bodyweight & weighted contexts. These resources represent ‘staples’ of practice for any and every stage of your physical development. Collections include:

  • Unilateral leg-strength contexts
  • Bilateral leg-strength contexts
  • Weighted & compound strength
Develop large-frame mobility forms from the fundamental resting-squat, sitting positions (cross-legged, straddle, kneeling), and front-folding, to forms such as the splits, ‘pancake’, and bridge. Explore collections covering:

  • Hip & ankle-mobility development
  • Shoulder mobility development
  • Splits & pancake development
  • Front-folding development
  • Bridging & spinal extension
  • Compression development
From fundamental bipedal (two feet) and quadrupedal (hands & feet) patterns developing structural awareness & conditioning to integrations & extended sequences, these collections share contexts for developing your practice & understanding of locomotion from an ‘over-floor’ perspective:
  • Quadrupedal: basic patterns & conditioning
  • Bipedal: basic patterns & conditioning
  • Locomotion integration, sequencing, & improvisation

Taking inspiration from the ‘Floreio’ ground patterns of Capoeira, these collections share contexts to expand your movement potential in and through space whilst in contact with the floor. Their practice applies & develops strength & mobility capacities, teaches fundamental bodyweight supports & transitions, and builds structural awareness and sensitivity of momentum & movement trajectory. The continually updated collections include:

  • ‘Groundwork’: Basic patterns & conditioning
  • ‘Groundwork’: Fundamental integrations
  • ‘Groundwork’: sequencing & improvisation
Learning a vocabulary of movement in close contact with the ground includes a variety of floor-entrance and exit patterns, further to floor-contact locomotion based on the transferrable concept of “circles of the body”. Whilst “floorwork” requests & develops a level sensitivity & “softness” by which the fundamentals cannot be practiced enough, contexts extend into integrated sequence and improvisation through the following collections:

  • Floor-entrance & exit
  • Floor-contact patterns
  • Floor-contact sequencing & improvisation

Building your handstand from the ground, up, these collections contain an extensive variety of tools & contexts for learning & development at various stages of your handstand journey on two hands. They include:

  • Handstand alignment drills
  • Handstand supported-balance
  • Handstand balance contexts
  • Press HS & Stalder press

An extensive range of exercises, drills, and routines for both prehabilitation & rehabilitation of your body’s joints and articulations. From the macro level of hips and shoulders to the micro of vertebrae and phalanxes, these collections contain tools which serve a specific intention: to develop the integrity, resiliency, and potential of these movable junctions:

  • Fingers, wrists, forearms & elbows
  • Shoulders, scapulae & neck
  • Feet, ankles, knees & hips
  • Tension management & force transmission
  • Soft-tissue quality & SMR
Exploring & expanding the movement potential of the spine from “closed” contexts focused on ‘local’ and ‘global’ patterns, to “open” contexts from the perspective of the spine both moving and “being” moved. These collections span:
  • Spinal ‘segmentation’
  • ‘Local’ spinal mobility (“rolling”)
  • ‘Global’ spinal mobility (extending & flexing)
  • Fundamental & integrated spinal ‘waves’
  • Spinal & scapular integration
  • ‘Open’ spinal exploration

Access to the dedicated forum which will grow with the platform. A space for questioning, answering, pooling, debating, and sharing experiences & insights through use of the video resource library.

*Content is continually added, adjusted, and subject to change.

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